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For Just $47 You Will Get:

  • FOUR weeks Training
  • FREE Uniform
  • A dynamic, fun and practical program
  • Personalised tuition from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu experts
  • A warm, welcoming and family environment where YOU come first
  • New found skills, increased strength and fitness AND confidence
  • Classes for you, your kids and your friends…all are welcome here at GroundControl

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has been the fastest growing martial art of the last 20 years. The reason is simple. The training is fun, the techniques are easy to learn and most of all - effective!

So with classes for children and adults, including an MMA program, competition opportunities, open mat sessions and private lessons, there is something for everyone…including you!

Classes cover:

  • Effective modern training methodologies to ensure everyone is learning their techniques correctly
  • A traditional culture that creates safety and fosters camaraderie
  • A thorough explanation of what is being taught, how and why
  • Fundamental best practice strategies
  • A solid framework of core techniques which to build your future development
  • An understanding of how your body and mind work and how to handle difficult situations

All training is done in an environment of mutual respect and care and adults and children alike will fall in love with this style.

If after your classes you no longer want to continue, we’ll give you your money back…GUARANTEED!


TJ Amagsila


Before I started training at Ground Control, I was training with a few friends at my garage. We were doing ok but there was something missing and i wanted more. So i looked around for BJJ schools around my area and found Ground Control. At first, the idea of training with strangers was a bit daunting but all the anxiety just went away when i finally came into the club to train. The guys at the club, both students and coaches, are very friendly and accommodating. Even if it’s your first time or you’ve been around the club for some time, they’ll treat you as family. And when it comes to class, the way they breakdown techniques is amazing and everyone is willing to help each other out. I didn’t just join a club, i found a family at Ground Control.

Avdo Mandal


Training at GC has always been a great time! GC epitomises what martial arts is all about. i have made friendships while learning skills and most importantly had fun while doing so. The coaching team always make sure this balance of skills, fun and training is upheld.

Kirsty Herbert


I love coming along to Ground Control. Since starting my training journey I've made lots of friends, learnt discipline, learnt to be humble and gained a lot of self-confidence.

I would recommend Ground Control to anyone wanting to learn jiu jitsu; the coaches are really knowledgeable and the mat culture is one in which you feel welcomed and included everytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What days can I train?

How long does the Essentials Program run for before I can move on to the general class?

From what age can I enrol my child?

How do the grades work?

When can I grade?

Are there private lessons to accelerate my training?​​​​

ORDER NOW & Get 4 Weeks For $47*

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*Special offer applies to Auckland Academy ONLY.