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Yeoman boys make their MMA debut

Congrats to Matt and BJ Yeoman who both made their MMA debut in B-Class matches in Shurikens Rising Soldiers promotion on the weekend.  Both boys have worked extremely hard leading up to the event and it showed on the night.  Matt took an early knockdown to come back hard and dominate in the clinch and takedown.  He showed great control on the ground to eventually finish with a back choke in the first round.

BJ’s fight looked to follow the same script at first as he recovered from an early knock down as well.  His opponent however was able to defend on the ground and the fight turned into a three round war.  BJ showing great grit to wear some big shots and still stick to his game plan and drive the match to the ground time and again with some big takedowns.  He dominated on the ground to take out the decision victory.

Expect some big fights to come from these boys in the future.  Well done lads.

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