What is Alpha MMA


MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world today.  As events like UFC and shows like The Ultimate Fighter have become more and more popular, interest in training in the sport is growing quickly.  However there are many people who feel unsure about making the transition from avid fan, to participant.  And it’s no surprise.  Sure if you’ve already got a background in kickboxing, boxing, grappling, it might seem like an easy transition (hint: it’s not necessarily).  But for the student who is looking to start their journey with MMA it can all be a bit daunting.  Particularly given the following two facts:

  • Many MMA fighters still use the “three coach approach”.  They go see their kickboxing coach one day, their wrestling coach the next day and their BJJ coach the next day and then try and stitch it all together on the fly.
  • Many MMA gyms operate in the old school “survival of the fittest” mentality.  Early sparring sessions weed out who’s tough and who isn’t (as opposed to making you tough)

Alpha MMA at GroundControl is different.  It’s a full MMA curriculum designed by John B. Will.  The focus is on technique acquisition rather than hard sparring for the new student.  Over a course of classes you will be introduced to the basics of footwork, how to throw the basic strikes with both hands and feet, how to defend against those strikes, how to clinch, takedown and control the ground game all the way through to submission.  Each technique is broken down into simple steps so anyone can follow along and make them work.

 One of the key distinctions is that Alpha MMA will not teach you just the individual techniques but how to connect them together.  How do you go from throwing hands, to tieing up in the clinch and taking the game to the ground?  What do you need to adjust on the muay thai thigh kick so that you are set up to immediately shoot the legs.  It’s these connections that make you fluid.

The sessions are safe great fun, a great workout, and a great foundation for both the sport of MMA and self defence.  Those that then want to take it to the next level can then step up into the sparring sessions where experienced members will spar at your level and take you all the way through to an MMA fight if that’s your goal.

Contact us now to book your free one week trial and see for yourself how much fun you can have while getting in shape and learning world class Mixed Martial Arts skills.


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