John Will brings more toys


The weekend of June 18 saw John Will back in auckland.  Many of the senior students describe John’s visits as christmas because of all of the cool new toys he brings.  If by toys you mean solid strategies to become more effective in MMA, BJJ and many other areas of your life.  And as always it was great to see some relatively new students get on the mat with John for the first time.  There’s no better way to start your training career on the right track.

This time round in MMA we covered the takedown system that Rigan Machado employed to win wrestling championships with little specific wrestling training.  As well as building on a previous session in terms of using the superman punch.

Then we hit the BJJ mat for a fantastic session focusing on some game changing escapes from underneath, followed by some very potent choke attacks.  If you weren’t there you will no doubt be noticing some of these techniques show up in your rolling with those that were.  As always John gave even more bang for buck by pointing out concepts that are not limited to the jiu jitsu match (improve by 5% and notice! the gains  you’re making).

For those of us who are BJJ groupies and followed John to other seminars where was additional gold on areas such as defence (or attack) from underneath turtle, head and arm chokes (anaconda, darce, guillotine), and new concepts to consider with guard.   All in all another invaluable weekend.  These sessions are always thought provoking, and spur us into the next period of highly motivated training as we look to change what we’re doing on and off the mat to incorporate our new toys.  We eagerly anticipate Johns return on November 26, talk to a coach if you have any questions about attending.


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