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John Will back in November

Remember, John Will is back at  GC Auckland  on November 20th running his world class seminars in  both BJJ and MMA.  John’s MMA seminars are unique to GC in Auckland and not to be missed.  In particular John shares leading edge thinking on how the various combat ranges can be more seamlessly stitched together.

John is internationally regarded as  one of the best coaches of BJJ and is highly sought after around the world   Anyone that’s been to one of his BJJ seminars knows it’s not to be missed!  Invaluable information on specific techniques as well as training and mindset tips to really accelerate your progress.

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carleen - 11/01/2010 Reply

Can’t wait for this…

Glen Tarrant - 11/10/2010 Reply

Ladies & Gents, I have been doing seminars with John Will since 2001, they are a must attend for anyone who is even remotly serious about their BJJ training.

Inger Craven - 11/21/2010 Reply

And awesome it was too!

I’m still on a high from doing both MMA and BJJ seminars. John is an incredible coach, the time on the mat just flew by so fast I was having such a good time. If you are thinking about getting to the next one then make sure you do, it really is an important part of being Will/Machado!!

Mike - 11/22/2010 Reply

awesome series of stuff this weekend. so much to focus on – all good!

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