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GC Fighters win at ICNZ 15


September 3rd saw two GroundControl fighters make their A-Class debut in ICNZ’s brand new cage at ICNZ 15.  After successful runs at B-Class, both Nic Saxton and Shane Young were stepping up to the A-Class ruleset, allowing strikes to the head on the ground.

Nic Saxton was first up.  Nic had been working very hard on a game plan and executed it perfectly.  Dominant in the clinch Nic was able to take it to the ground and obtain the “beatdown” position he has been working on.  This position takes away the opponent’s ability to defend strikes on the ground.  So when Nic worked into the position the ref acted quickly to step in and stop the fight.

Next it was Shane’s turn.  Shane was up against a very tough and hard hitting opponent in Hayden Watt, and this match turned into an absolute war.  In a back and forth battle that many have called the fight of the night both men showed their heart.  Bloodied early in the match Shane never took a backward step and at the end of  four rounds the judges could not seperate the two fighters.  After escaping an early backmount attempt early in the overtime round, Shane dominated position to leave no doubt and took out a well earned unanimous decsion.

Both Nic and Shane worked exteremly hard in their preparation for the fights, as did their coaches Neil Swailes and Andrew Craven, and we couldn’t be more pleased for them.

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