About Mixed Martial Arts – MMA

In the early Vale Tudo (no rules) fights, BJJ was proven to be the most effective single training style for limited rules combat.  Since those days the sport has evolved and became known as various things including Vale Tudo, No Holds Barred (NHB), and is now referred to most commonly as Mixed Martial Arts or MMA.

The modern practice of MMA combines fundamentals of  BJJ combined with punching, kicking, takedown and clinching techniques.  The MMA practitioner has proven tools to be effective in all ranges of combat, and strategies to transition between each range.

This versatility gives the Mixed Martial Artist  choices for both sports and real world applications.  In the sporting context it is no longer enough to be skilled in one area of combat – well roundedness is key.  While the ability to grapple well is still essential, equally important is the ability to disengage from the clinch and strike, take an opponent down, or regain your feet after a takedown.  This gives you the ability to control where the fight takes place.

Our Approach

We understand there are a number of reasons why you may be interested in training in Mixed Martial Arts.  It may be that you love competition and see yourself fighting in the ring or cage.  It may be you love the idea of training in martial arts and want to be sure you are learning something that is proven to be effective.  Or it may be you’re just looking for something that is a great workout, so much fun that you’ll find it easy to keep motivated.

Our MMA approach offers two class structures. In the Alpha MMA class the focus is on technique acquisition.  Classes are fast paced and fun, and contact is limited so you can be comfortable as you learn new skills.

Our Intermediate MMA classes offer both technical development and the opportunity to participate in contact sparring — starting at a level you’re comfortable with and building through to full contact.  These are the classes that will prepare you to enter the ring or the cage or just to challenge yourself under pressure.