About GroundControl Juniors

The GroundControl Juniors program has been running since the beginning of 2008.

The classes are led by Bryan McKenzie with assistance from head coach Mike Fooks.

BJJ training is ideal for kids as it gives them non-striking options to deal with threats.  There is a strong focus on grappling and the use of leverage and technique rather than brute strength.  It is therefore an excellent form of training for any child, irrespective of size, strength or athleticism.  The emphasis is on controlling your partner rather than “beating them into submission”.  BJJ provides kids with a self defence methodology that is appropriate – it keeps them safe without having to use excessive force.  Not only that but kids love to wrestle around so they love coming to class.

Our Approach

The classes we teach are designed to be fun and energetic, and maintain a positive sense of discipline.

Our juniors are taught fundamental BJJ body movements, drills, skills and submissions, reinforced with games and supervised sparring that enable

* a rapid improvement in a child’s motor skills
* an ability to defend themselves and others
* higher self esteem and confidence
* improved powers of concentration and determination

Many of the body skills learnt are readily applicable to other sports and can also help improve overall co-ordination and athletic ability.

Unlike many team sports, each member of the class receives individual attention.

We have children in our class from 7 to 16 years old.  With a range of ages, body types, and levels of athleticism, we do not expect all of our junior students to perform in exactly the same manner.  Our grading system rewards children for the level of technical improvement they make as an individual, as well as a positive attitude and engagement in class.

If you are interested in your child’s self improvement and would like to find out for yourself if a martial art would benefit them, as it has so many of our current students, then come along to watch or try a class at GroundControl Juniors Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Auckland.