About Essentials

The sport fighting phenomenum which stormed the world in 1993 with the advent of the UFC sparked off a revolution in martial arts.   We now have a much clearer idea as to what techniques work and which are low percentage.  We increasingly understand what an effective training methodology looks like.  And as sport fighting has evolved, new techniques are continually developed and refined.

There is however a danger of specialisng too early.  As martial artists we should be equipped with basic best practice strategies in all areas of  combat.

There’s nothing worse than hearing about the awesome grappler who gets knocked out cold in the carpark after training - because he’s never been exposed to basic concepts in striking defence.

At GroundControl we feel we have a responsibility to our students to expose you to fundamental concepts in all ranges of combat early on.  We take that responsibility seriously and our Essentials program is designed to do just that.  Over the first three months of your training you’ll be given a basic and solid framework on which to build your future development.

Our Approach

In your first three months you’ll be exposed to what we consider to be the most essential elements of striking and striking defence, clinchwork, takedowns, takedown defence, and ground work.  We’ll also talk to you about handling adrenalin dump, what the precursors of an attack may look like, and strategies for when you know you are being “interveiewed” for a king hit.

The techniques in Essentials are the absolute “must know”s you will need for basic self defence.  They will also be considered a starting point as you move into the more advanced classes.  In fact, so pivotal are these techniques that our advanced students choose to continue to come to Essentials classes years into their training to ensure their basics remain rock solid.

All Essentials classes are taught on the assumption that everyone in the room is seeing the information for the first time.

We explain concepts in detail and take the time to make sure everyone is doing it right.

Once you graduate the Essentials class,  you will be equipped to make an informed choice as to the direction you want your training to take, having now experienced all ranges.    And whether you decide to focus on the ground and BJJ, or combat sports and MMA, or both you’ll have the basic building blocks that those classes are built on.