About Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) has been the fastest growing martial art of the last 20 years. The reason is simple. The training is fun, the techniques are easy to learn and most of all - effective!

BJJ  focuses on the grappling and ground-fighting phase of combat. Without the constraints of rules, most real-world fights see the fighting distance collapse to grappling range.

And when it comes to grappling BJJ is best of breed.

The focus is on controlling your opponent and positional dominance. This gives you as a BJJer choices.  Depending on the situation, the opponent can be pinned down, or the appropriate choke or joint lock can be employed to end the confrontation.

When training in BJJ the ability to tap out means the techniques can be trained at full resistance with minimal physical risk.  This allows the practioner to develop techniques that work, while still being able to go to work the next day!

Our Approach

Our approach to BJJ is based on Fundamentals. We believe it is crucial to provide the new student with tools they can learn easily and apply quickly.  This then becomes the foundation to build your more advanced training.

In the GroundControl BJJ program we have dedicated Fundamentals classes.  These build on the concepts you have learned in the Essentials class and are specifically designed to give you the core techniques of this highly sophisticated art.

From there you will graduate to the Intermediate and Advanced classes.  Here you will develop even more sophisticated stratgeies and learn more advanced techniques as you create your personal style.

In a GroundControl BJJ class, we are focussed on maintaining a culture of co-operative technical learning rather than competition.  Sparring and competition are important elements of BJJ training and that is done in an environment of mutual respect and care.